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Friday, 13 March 2015

We're back!

Oi oi!

PATG has been dormant for a while due to a very busy schedule for myself and due to a weaning interest from the artists involved in the project.

So, I'm willing to give this another shot. We have the Introducing: South Africa compilation almost ready for release already, so will be looking to finish this off and get it out there ASAP. After that I'm looking to make a start on Ska Punk International, collating tracks from Ska bands from across the globe.

What I need from the artists involved is an agreement that, when the compilation is released, you'll promote it for download. PATG only works if everyone involved helps get the word out there that the comp is available and ready for download.

There is an all new submission form that I'll need everyone to use. A large part of the problem before was that, despite reasonably clear instructions, most people didn't send all of the information I needed to include them on the compilation. This meant I had to do a lot of digging online to find this information and this was very very time consuming.

So, please download and complete this form. All of it! Then send it over to me with a .mp3 copy of your submission. Please also only include the song you want to submit. As much as I really enjoy being sent people's back catalogues, it's not ideal for trying to find the song that best represents a band. So if you want to send me an album, an EP, your back catalogue then I'm happy to have them, just please send them in a separate email :)

Submission form can be found here and emailed to me here.

Thanks, Kyle (PATG)

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