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Friday, 13 March 2015

We're back!

Oi oi!

PATG has been dormant for a while due to a very busy schedule for myself and due to a weaning interest from the artists involved in the project.

So, I'm willing to give this another shot. We have the Introducing: South Africa compilation almost ready for release already, so will be looking to finish this off and get it out there ASAP. After that I'm looking to make a start on Ska Punk International, collating tracks from Ska bands from across the globe.

What I need from the artists involved is an agreement that, when the compilation is released, you'll promote it for download. PATG only works if everyone involved helps get the word out there that the comp is available and ready for download.

There is an all new submission form that I'll need everyone to use. A large part of the problem before was that, despite reasonably clear instructions, most people didn't send all of the information I needed to include them on the compilation. This meant I had to do a lot of digging online to find this information and this was very very time consuming.

So, please download and complete this form. All of it! Then send it over to me with a .mp3 copy of your submission. Please also only include the song you want to submit. As much as I really enjoy being sent people's back catalogues, it's not ideal for trying to find the song that best represents a band. So if you want to send me an album, an EP, your back catalogue then I'm happy to have them, just please send them in a separate email :)

Submission form can be found here and emailed to me here.

Thanks, Kyle (PATG)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Introducing England Vol 1

[Click image for download]

Cover art by Beck ‘Crowraven Punkbat’ Grogan

1) Boots n All – Up your England

2) The Blunders – DISCO

3) Foxpunch – Punks against Punk

4) Double Down – Riot Night In

5) What’s the Point! - Taters

6) Thirteen Shots – Zombies in the USSR

7) Cat Bear Tree – Crayons

8) Hostages for Smack – War Britannia

9) The Backhand Jags – Do the Snake

10) A-Heads – I Am

11) Ragweed – Mindboltling

12) The Mobbs – Jolly Good

13) Sweet Jonny – Soft

14) WitchDoktors – Diablo

15) Bloody Tourists – Funland

16) The Delinquents – Rise Up

17) Exit The Network – Run

18) The Roughneck Riot – Ignorance is Easy
19) Yokozuna – Jesus Fork
20) Rabid – Second Coming

21) Flies on You – Frying Tonight

22) Louise Distras – The Hand you Hold

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Introducing Indonesia Vol 1

1) Mesin Diesel – Sendiri

2) Red Line – Rebelionation

3) Bobbers – Burn Out

4) Error Crew – Gejolak Muda

5) Glue Sniffer – Behind The Door

6) Brain Burn – Persetan

7) Class of Thirteen – Teenage Rebel

8) Bandit 88 – March of the Youth

9) Bajingan Tengik – Sunshine (acoustic)

10) Invalid Brain – Victims of War

11) 4getmyname – Stupid Cap

12) Ugly Bastard – Hancurkan Apa Yang Mengancurkanmu

13) Super Sucker – Belagu

14) Madu Dan Racun – Gersang

15) Little Jr – Penguasa Gila

16) Barbie Kills Chucky – Damn

17) Mary Ann – Hi-land Punk

18) Rotten to the Core – Fuck The System

19) I’m Not Hillbilly – Every Day is Work

20) Pelosok – Derita Soudara

21) Soeara Merdeka Ft Lika – Semangat Jiwa Yang Merdeka

22) Letterbomb – Born in Sin

23) Protest Against – Protest Against

24) Digi Digi Crazy – When Mario Bros Go Bad on Saturday Night Party

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Introducing the USA Vol 1

Cover art courtesy of Karen Kreature

1)  Dam Broads! – Pay to Play

2)  Dead/Beat – Winter’s Coming

3)  The Hairlips – Shut Up!

4)  Psycho 38 – Go

5)  Choking Susan – Victim Energy

6)  The Raddigan Brothers Noise Experience – Mark Runion

7)  40oz Folklore – Out of Sight, Out of Mind

8)  Rodent Lord – Monsanto’s Daughter

9)  Pull Punch and Pray – American Dream

10)  American Standards – The Red Queen

11)  Brains for Brunch – Stride

12)  Bloodshot and Dilated – Wasted

13)  Vividly Dim – See Punk Run

14)  Raw Sex – Self Immolation

15)  Dr Cancer and the SKAmbies! – SKAmbie! Funeral Dirge

16)  Angie and the Car Wrecks – Maniac

17)  Downward Dogs – The Wrecking Crew

18)  Malicious Dismemberment – So What

19)  The Statistix – Dogma

20)  The Dying Elk Herd – Another Restless Night

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Introducing Brazil Vol 1.

1) Bang Bang Babies – Pepper spray

2)     Machete – A Queda do Homem

3)     Turbo – O Viciado

4)  Drakula - Cidade Assassina

5)  Dinamite Club – Subsistuindo

6)  Soul Mate – Psychout

7)  Bullet Bane – Angels H.A.A.R.P

8)  Marmitexsa - Garota Punk

9)  Damn Laser Vampires – Gotham Beggars Syndicate

10)  Golden Jivers – Bird Walk

11)  Derci Goncalves – Faixa
12)  The Mullet Monster Mafia – Neptune Furys

13)  Chuva Negra – AMOSP

14)  Projetil Paralelo – Jaulas Vazias

15)  Sky Down – Nothing New

16)  Backseat Drivers – The Record Crack

17)  The Rejects S/A – Santa Ignorancia

18)  Hunger United – Standing For

19)  ReBurn – Turning Point

20)  The Squintz – Breakin the Chain

21)  The Fabulous Go-Go Boy from Alabama – Uga Booga Man

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Introducing Australia Vol 1

A massive thank you to Chuck Cunningham and Lauren Confos for helping bring the Aus scene to the rest of the world. If it wasn't for you both, this compilation may never have come together at all.

1)  Perdition – Big Problems

2) Wolfpack – Corporate Cats
3) The Scam – Execution Solution

4) Psycho Green – Land of Nod

5) Dixon Cider – Dead Women and Dogs
6) The Chosen Few – A Root and a Beer

7) Kong Fuzi – Break Down Bad Town

8) Order 66 – Photocopy Dayz

9) Suburban Standoff – Trust in Me

10) Backlash – This One’s for You

11) Topnovil – Battleground

12) Scrayfish – Farted

13) Myrtle Place – For the People

14) 12FU – 50 Bucks

15) Albion Gold – Teenage Poetry

16) Chris Duke and the Royals – Paper Bags

17) Yobmob – Nobody is my Name

18) The Lost Cause – Dead

19) Spew n Guts – Melb Drunk Punks

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I've had a taste of new music and now I'm thirsty for more.

The submissions have been starting to slow down over the past few days. Let's keep this machine moving. If everyone takes a moment to share our page, the number of new bands you can help me bring to the attention of the world will increase massively.

Everyone on my Facebook friends list or who come to this blog, must know someone that's in a band, or has been to see local punk bands that they like. Tell them where PATG are and that we're looking to promote their music to the world for free. Every genre of punk, from all over the world.

I have the following compilations that need more bands so I can release them: Introducing Australia, Brazil, England, Finland, France, Japan, Northern Ireland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and the USA.

I also have an international Cowpunk, Folk punk, Garage punk, horror punk, psychobilly, riot grrl, ska punk, surf punk and another international mixed-genre comp that need bands as well. If your band isn't part of any of those categories, doesn't matter. Send me your stuff and we'll have a chat about future comps.

Spread the word. It takes a couple clicks of your mouse to help bring the world new and free music.