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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Punk Across The Globe: In The Beginning

So, following issues with bancamp being exceptionally fussy, Mediafire being flagged as spam on FB constantly, and a plethora of other small annoyances, I've decided this is the best way to go about having all of our compilations kept in one place so they are easy to find.

Here as a re-release is our first compilation 'In the beginning' to get things started:

Track list

1) The Evening Noose - Start a Scene
2) Atomic Suplex - Rock N Roll Must Die
3) Filthy Little Secret - Soap and Glory (live at the 13th Note)
4) Dr Spookenstein - I don't wanna go to hell
5) Kong Fuzi - Voodoo Doll
6) The Bucky Rage - There She Goes
7) The Amazing Onemanband - Milkcow's Hellblues
8) Mark Keds - Candle for Neitzche
9) Trash Colapso and his One Man Truck - Blues Man Dead
10) Acid Fascists - All Kinds of Twisted (The Super Freak Mix)
11) Dynamite Pussy Club - Fire
12) The Ralats - Old Sick Punky Dog
13) Suburban Standoff - Blood on the Land
14) The Swamps - Show Must Be Rockin' Die
15) Thee Witch Hazel Martinis - Wake up Baby!
16) Stygmate - La Soeur Des Pauvres

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